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Absorption of Food Based Vitamins and Its Benefits

Absorption of Food Based Vitamins and Its Benefits

There is no doubt that for some, a walk through the vitamin and mineral aisle can be overwhelming and daunting. This is understandable, considering there are hundreds of different brands all promising great results, and a multitude of eager sales representatives trying to convince them. It can become difficult to decide which brand and supplement to take. Many people ask themselves which supplement is the most effective and best option to take to optimise their health. One factor which may be of benefit to consider before purchasing a vitamin supplement is to understand the mechanism of absorption, and ultimately utilisation in the body.  

The FoodGrown™© range consists of nature-based vitamin and mineral supplements and is continuously growing with new products and customer support. FoodGrown™© products are composed, as far as possible, of natural ingredients derived and extracted from whole foods sources, an important factor in the bioavailability of these nutrients and efficacy within the body.

Our Foodform™ principal works on the basis familiarity. The body recognises, absorbs, and utilises food-based ingredients better than lab-produced synthetic ones. One may not even absorb the full amount claimed on synthetic vitamins or even accept it. It can be costly and expensive, and unfortunately may not deliver the positive outcome that people hope for.

Some of the benefits of using FoodGrown™© include having a better absorption, utilisation, and digestion when compared to synthetic products. Food-based ingredients contain beneficial enzymes, phytonutrients, proteins, and co-factors which work together synergistically to enhance absorption of ingredients as well as to improve overall health. Interestingly, independent studies have revealed that natural Vitamin C is absorbed 1210% more effectively than isolated ascorbic acid. This concept applies to many of the components of the FoodGrown™© range too.

Innovative formulations can be seen across the FoodGrown™© range, with products containing an array of plant-based ingredients, including herbal extracts for various mechanisms in the body. We source our raw materials from local and international suppliers and prioritize ethically sourced ingredients for an all-round, better health supplement.

The FoodGrown™© vitamin and mineral range is formulated to assist with optimal nutrient delivery to the body while also inspiring a deep love and appreciation for nature around us. No synthetic fillers, no GMOs, just pure, natural goodness which our bodies love!

These products can be used by the whole family and are mostly gluten free and vegan. Let’s go back to the roots, with real food, real nutrients, delivering real results.