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Unlocking Nature's Secret: The AlgaeCal® Advantage in Cal-Mag Health!

Unlocking Nature's Secret: The AlgaeCal® Advantage in Cal-Mag Health!

Calcium and Magnesium are two vital minerals needed by the body to function effectively. They work together synergistically to assist with muscle function, support healthy bone and tooth development, as well as improve nerve transmission. There are many different forms of calcium and magnesium utilised in the health industry. It is important to understand the mechanism of how they work, what benefits they deliver and the overall efficiency of it.

FoodGrown’s Cal-Mag has been scientifically formulated using AlgaeCal®, which is a natural source of calcium derived from sea algae. The extraction process involves milling whole, living algae which is harvested for its incredible health properties. Clinical studies show that AlgaeCal® Calcium is a more "bone cell friendly" form of calcium compared to calcium carbonate and calcium citrate which is usually utilised in health supplements.

One of the studies focused on evaluating the impact of Algae Cal® on parameters such as proliferation, mineralisation as well as oxidative stress in human osteoblast cells. Individuals taking AlgaeCal® had a 200-250% increase in the level of alkaline phosphatase activity in the cells compared to calcium carbonate and calcium citrate respectively. The result is stronger, more dense bone formation and repair. In a study on the ability of the osteoblasts to create new bone building cells, AlgaeCal® DNA synthesis activity exceeded calcium carbonate and calcium citrate by 300 and 400% respectively.

Another study focused on monitoring bone mass density (BMD) of 414 post-menopausal women taking AlgaeCal® supplements over a period of 1 year found a 1.3% increase in BMD after 6 months while women using traditional calcium supplements showed slight deterioration in BMD. Post menopausal women are at risk of losing 1% BMD every year and AlgaeCal® not only prevented bone density loss at the 6-month mark, but it also resulted in an increase BMD by the end of the first year.

While the AlgaeCal® makes up an important and integral part of our product, it is not the only ingredient of purpose. The Magnesium used in this formulation is produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae, also known as brewer’s yeast, and is reacted with 20% magnesium oxide to form a cultured mineral. The bioavailability offered by this mineral is high due to it being more natural, and overall will be better absorbed and utilised by the body. It is not uncommon for the average diet to lack Magnesium - resulting in cramps, low energy as well as reduced muscle recovery and bone development. FoodGrown Magnesium may provide enhanced athletic performance, improved sleep quality and promote mental health. This nutrient is a co-factor to more than 300 biological processes in the body, which makes it incredibly underrated and essential to consume. A two-capsule dosage of this will provide 14% of your NRV for Magnesium as well as 10% of your calcium requirements.

The potential benefits of Cal-Mag are endless, from enhancing your musculoskeletal health to improving sleep and energy metabolism, this is a powerful all in-one product to aid in the improvement of overall health. FoodGrown’s Cal-Mag is gluten free, vegan, and free from GMO nasties. An absolute necessity to add to your daily routine to keep you happy and healthy for the year ahead!